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My name is Tom Hollingsworth and I have been a health and fitness enthusiast since I can remember, this is mainly down to my dad who has always loved his training, I got my motivation for training all from him. Especially when we used to sit and watch the rocky balboa films together.

I started my working journey completing 10 weeks work experience at the Basildon sporting village, after working hard I was fortunate to get offered my first paid job as a fitness instructor. From here I studied hard to gain my level 3 personal training qualification, one of the best days ever when I got the certificate. Finally!! I was able to train clients and start getting the best out of people.

Leading on from this I then became the assistant fitness manager at the sporting village, something I am immensely proud of. I enjoyed the management aspect of the job, but it was not my passion…….my passion is personal training, it is what I love and live for. Therefore, I decided to take a risk and give my assistant manager position up, I took the leap to the self-employed life, looking back this was one of the best decisions of my life. 

I have managed to build up a great client base, and I have met some amazing people along the way, people that will also be friends for life.

My next step in life was to strive for something that I have been dreaming about since I started, that was to open my own personal training studio…….I am so happy to announce I have managed to achieve this, with TPT Health & Fitness Studio officially open for business, I never would of got here without the great family, girlfriend, friends and clients I have around me, I look forward to continuing my hard work and pushing my clients to achieve the best results possible.  



Growing up I have always had a passion and drive for health, fitness and nutrition.  For me, fitness goes so much deeper than how you look on the outside.  I spent several of my teenage years under-eating, over-training, trying every quick fix on the market and having a negative perception of exercise.  It wasn't until I found weight training that I fell in love with using exercise to achieve a healthy, strong, sculpted and sustainable physique, but most importantly finding a healthy lifestyle balance and a positive mindset. 

I am committed to helping clients achieve long-term, sustainable results whilst guiding them to find a healthy relationship and balance with exercise and nutrition.

I will assist you to become the best version of yourself.  Working closely with you to set realistic and achievable short and long-term goals, providing you with bespoke personal training and tailored training programmes, and offering guidance on the importance of fuelling your body with the correct nutrition. 

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